I wonder if this will be controversial if I mention my opinion on this.  I guess since I’m open to the influence of other people’s opinions, I’m ok with any controversy.

Here goes:  I think as long as we have groups, societies, and organizations based on a gender or race specific qualifier, we will constantly crave equality that we won’t be able to achieve.

I love charities, organizations, causes, and groups.  I have favorites such as Project Night Night and the Empowerment plan.  To me, need or support of any type should not be limited to a group where the defining factor for whether or not you qualify for help is something that can be determined visually.

In other words, I want to focus on people who need help with education rather than “Women in Education”. I think that basing help or support for a group based on a visual identifier (race, gender) is something that will perpetually hold us in a state of divide.  

If we’re talking about a donation to a museum – that is a totally different topic – and a place where I feel that kind of judgement belongs.  But if we’re talking about humans affected by something that warrants a discussion about monetary help or other donations – we should not separate that need by the types of people.  

I think as we evolve, our charities and forms of support should be focused on the need rather than the visual characteristics of the people with that need.  It could be argued that those visual identifiers are how they were separated by the small-minded people who excluded them in the first place, putting them in a position of need.  Why should we keep them same thought process?


Charities I mentioned if you’re curious:



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