Excerpt from Constant Pull – Book One

I was running. It was coming after me again. I was always running but I was far too slow. I kept trying to look at my legs to figure out why I ran so slow, but by the time I would see my feet, I forgot why I was looking at them.

I didn’t know what I ran from this time, but I felt the overwhelming urge to stop and find out. A weaker part of me began to argue. No matter; I abruptly came to a stop. The ground was canary yellow and glittered in odd ways that indicated several light sources. The atmosphere was foggy and seemed to echo but I couldn’t hear much of anything. I just knew that if I spoke, it would echo.

Something was coming. It was coming on my left. I felt a scowl move across my face just in case it was something unpleasant, I felt more prepared. I turned to my left to face it.

A pink convertible formed out of nothing and drove up to where I stood. I took a couple steps back and noticed a California plate on the front of the car. A statuesque blond woman in a black and white halter top stared in my direction. She had bouffant hair in a floral handkerchief tied beneath her chin and she wore big sunglasses and dark red lips. Her expression didn’t match her car or her accessories. She was very solemn-concerned almost. She took her sunglasses off to show me her thick, ink-lined upper lash line and I heard loud whispers from all around me. It was distracting. I realized it was her mouth that moved, but I couldn’t understand anything she said. I tried to reply, “I can’t hear you”-but something jumbled came out instead. She held up her hand as if to tell me not to talk. She seemed to understand what I had been saying and repeated herself in the same loud, echoey whisper. I noticed her handkerchief was now affected by a breeze that slowly became stronger. She held her hand on the knot that held it in place and didn’t divert her sincere brown eyes from mine. I was too easily distracted. I noticed a small pink glitter in the air in front of me, floating. I stared at it.

A dream. The ground, the air with glitter. It was my tell; I knew it now-I was dreaming. Now, I was very curious about what this woman wanted to tell me. I crawled on the hood of the car with a great deal of effort. I peered over the windshield.

I clearly said, “I don’t know what you’re saying.” I must have said it in actuality because I felt myself pull hard from the dream for a moment almost to waking. The woman became immediately frustrated. She jammed her sunglasses back on her face and threw the car in reverse. Panic welled in me as I realized I was still on the hood. Why had I gotten up there anyway?  I decided that I was going to fly away. I moved from my knees to my feet and pushed off hard. I always flew away if I knew I was dreaming.

Flying in my dreams was not easy. It was a constant struggle for altitude. I’d dip just as quickly as I’d rise. I flew around for a while in this constant pattern of dips and rising.

I woke up with a start and took a minute to clear my head. There was a gentle knock at my door.

“You can come in gramps.” I said, sitting up and running my fingers through my hair.

“You OK, hon?” he said opening the door. “Heard ya talking.” My Grampa was standing in the hall with his coffee cup in hand. He looked cute in his faded royal blue sweatshirt and baggy jeans. His hair was about the same length as his beard and almost entirely gray.

“I’m OK, just a weird dream. Did you have breakfast yet?” I asked him.

“Few hours ago.”  He said with a phlegmy laugh and a cough. “I’m headed down for some more coffee though. Gonna tinker in the garage for a bit. Little bit to clean up.” My Grampa was in the habit of waking up at 5am no matter what day of the week it was.

“OK, be down in a few.” I said.


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