On Trump

Oh, the dreaded topic of politics.  But, here we go.

My Dad sent me an email that uses an analogy about raccoons to discuss how necessary a man like Donald Trump is.  Now, I was initially a fan of trump until he started talking about his plans – I have to state that.

In this email, you come home from vacation for 2 weeks and you have an infestation of raccoons in your basement. You want them gone so you call a guy who is available immediately and he stinks and so forth but you don’t care because you want the raccoons gone.

This was my response:

Hi Dad,

I would never get mad for reading a perspective that might change mine.  I think politics in our country is a terrible disaster and largely responsible for the state of the country.  To me, politicians are like unions: they were necessary once, but now they’re just causing problems.
However, just like my aunt wants one pill to feel better and fix all her woes – in my opinion there is no “fix”.  This is the result of layers and layers of bad decisions over decades and I don’t think putting a bully with a one track mind in a position of power will fix it.  In fact, I think his ego will get the better of him and diplomacy will be forgotten.
I hope I’m wrong.  I really do.
I’ve been reading some stuff from Noam Chomsky.  Check him out if you have time.