Vaccines and Politics

I’m a little torn up today. When it comes to social media, at times I feel perfectly overwhelmed that so much is broken, it’s impossible to effectively address anything.

Today, my thoughts are on vaccines and politics.  It’s funny to me that vaccines have become the third forbidden “casual conversation” topic.

So, what am I thinking about vaccines?  Here’s what I’m thinking:

In my mind, vaccines are a necessary evil. Let’s say that they don’t contain preservatives and remove that argument about mercury. Let’s say for this conversation that they are just dead viruses or the like that teach our immune system to protect itself against that illness.

Because our bodies must manifest everything they ingest, my first thought is that we can no longer treat vaccines with this “one size fits all” approach. Our bodies process them differently for a thousand reasons. Why do we insist on just injecting the same thing for all?

I once had my then 4-year old son’s titers tested for Tdap. He was protected for 27 lifetimes. And that was WITHOUT the recommended booster.

Can’t we do better? When I ask this question (as well as the preservative one) I get answers centered around how unfeasible alternative possibilities are due to cost. I’m just very tired of that answer.  I just can’t accept that. Calling all millennials in medical school – keep an open mind, friends, we need a better way. Quite often, I wish I’d gone to medical school.

Here’s the second thing I’m thinking: If our bodies manifest things and based on my son’s 27 lifetime protection, why isn’t it possible that our immune system is OVER reacting to protect itself and we develop auto-immune issues (allergies, for example) as well as other issues.  I think it’s incredibly possible.

Allergies are more severe than ever, particularly in our very-vaccinated children. So, if we can’t (conveniently) remove the vaccines, what can we do? I’m going to try the ALCAT test and see how that goes. I think that it’s possible that we’ve also manifested a more subtle issue and that is food intolerances.  they’re not as notorious as actual allergies, but make us subtly miserable – digestive, skin, even behavioral.  I’m anxious to find out. Hoping to have the testing done next week.


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